Events Season is Drawing to a Close

As much as we all enjoy summer and the fun and tourists it brings, there comes a time when we have to move into the shoulder season. As most of our events tend to be summer focused we wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for being member of the Events Resource Centre!

We hope you had a great events season and that our service was able help you and your events.

We would like to remind you all that the Events Resource Centre officially closes August 31 and re-opens May 1, 2024. As with everything exceptions can be made for special circumstances and all you need to do is reach-out via email to see if we are able to accommodate your request.

Stay tuned to your emails for any funding opportunities and the like that we become aware of as they come along. At some point in September we will be sending out a member survey to see how you liked the new website/reservation system and to see how better we can position the resource centre to help your events going forward with new equipment and the like!

Once again thanks for helping to make Saugeen Shores and Surrounding area a fun place for Tourists to visit!

The Resource Centre is now closed for the 2023 Season. Exceptions are available under special circumstances, to request an exception contact us.

We look forward to helping you with your Event Resources in 2024!
Don't forget you can book your 2024 resource needs now for next year!